• Supply Chain Control Tower

    Supply Chain Control Tower

    Connected supply chains enable orchestrating real time data from transport, inventory and production demand.

    • Event management & network monitoring
    • IoT & big data for logistics
    • Supply chain analytics & risk management

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  • CO2 footprinting  & accounting

    CO2 footprinting & accounting

    Compliant and automated calculation of your carbon emissions for all modes of transportation.

    • CO2 calculation
    • CO2 reduction
    • Off-setting services

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  • Transport cost planning & accounting

    Transport cost planning & accounting

    Compare planned and actual transport costs in one tool – budget planning, margins, product and customer profitability  management enabled.

    • Network/performance monitoring
    • Cost allocation
    • Customer & product profitability management

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  • Planning & monitoring of global inventory

    Planning & monitoring of global inventory

    A dynamic visualization of stock enables a company to monitor, plan and optimize its global inventories to reduce costs.

    • Cross depot/storage management
    • Inventory analytics

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Greenwashing was yesterday – Carbon Accounting is now. Find out how LogEC can help!

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Transport cost planning and accounting in one tool. Find out how LogCOST handles Big Data!

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