Supply Chain Analytics

Your real data: Detailed analysis without data aggregation and abstract modelling

State-of-the-Art Supply Chain Analytics

We use your real and entire data without aggregations to analyze your Supply Chain. Classical approaches in these area start with collecting data, modelling specific calculations and comprise analysis on the shipment structure or order pattern. These calculations usually include assumptions to reduce complexity. For example, certain products are grouped together to a product group. This was needed in the past because otherwise tools could not manage the complexity and were running out of capacity. But by doing so, details are overseen and the models tend not to represent the reality.

Here is where our solution steps in with an innovative approach. We are able to fully use your data. We do not group them, we do not deduct it, we do not re-build reality - we simply use reality. This solution is enabled by a powerful and innovation analytic technology.

Our analytic tools are able to drill down to the very smallest unit of measure. They enable you to assess costs and profitability down to customer or item level and allocate costs per products.


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