CO2 footprint/ Off-Setting for Business Trips

Business Trips

The GHG protocol includes business travel because CO2 emissions from business travels are an important driver of a companies’ overall emissions. But often companies lack the capabilities for an efficient way of measuring CO2 emissions and have no information available about fuel consumption.

Our support in this area starts with data gathering and cleansing. We have standardized data templates and help our customers in finding and validating the correct data.

Once the data is available, we use a sub-module of LogEC for the calculation but use a simplified approach for it. This approach is supported by our database for fuel consumption, distances and emissions for all transport modes.

Our powerful dashboard allows to analyze the business travels and help to identify possible saving opportunities like switching from air to rail travel.

At the end our customers are able to provide a fact-based CO2 reporting for their business travel, which is compliant to EN 16258.


According to the Kyoto-protocol off-setting is a permitted way to reduce your carbon back pack. In addition, the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) underlined the importance of natural storage concepts for CO2 e.g. by forestation. For off-settings projects we are partnering with the Forest Carbon Group (


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