Log360 for shippers

Analyze the trade-off between emissions, costs and lead times even with missing 3PL data.

Shippers have the goal of planning their future transport network based on their production plan or their sales forecast. Both are developed several years before the transport itself is executed and the network is established, so that assumptions and predictive analytics are required. Furthermore, shippers want to break down relevant supply chain KPI´s by unit so that an allocation to the bill of material is required.

Major challenges for Shippers in transport network planning:

• What are the suppliers, plants and customers of the future?

• What are the relevant production and sales figures?

• What tariffs and capacities have to be considered?

• What is the share of transport costs and emissions per unit in future?

In addition, shippers want to track their planned transport costs and emisions vs. the actual and want an early warning as to if and why they are running out the planned transport budget. All together – a complex challenge.


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