LogEC Mobile - Emissions calculation and product traceability to-go

Track and trace emissions for single shipments, trade lanes and products on your mobile device with the new LogEC App.

The LogEC Mobile Application is based on the LogEC logic and uses the existing database as backbone. This ensures a powerful and reliable mobile emissions calculation - anytime and anywhere. In addition, the app adresses the traceability of products with it´s bar code scan functionality by providing the user all relevant details. The LogEC Mobile App offers the LogEC typical powerful emissions calculation combined with comprehensive mobile reports and a track and trace functionality for product bar codes.

"Having all the right details to hand" can be taken literally now, as the user gets a detailed emission calculations for shipments, trade lanes and single products as well as an integrated track an trace functionality. Especially the topic traceability gets adressed with the LogEC Mobile Application. By scanning bar codes with a mobile device all product related information, such as origin, transport flow and carbon emissions get visible to the user. The visualization with charts and mapviews ensures a holistic user experience.


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