About LogEC

Enterprise customers and consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally friendly logistics services.

LogEC – the Logistics Emissions Calculator that supports your sustainability every step of the way!

Indeed, the success of your logistics company is strongly linked to its sustainability.

LogEC helps your logistics company focus on and improve sustainability by enabling you to calculate and analyze the footprint of your shipments. Based on industry standard technology, LogEC calculates the emissions for CO2 and CO2e. It offers the most accurate information as it offers the highest level of detail - automatically calculating emissions for every shipment. Standard interfaces for shipment data enable you to integrate new customers efficiently. You also benefit from full compliance to the standard DIN EN16258 and French decree 2011:1336.

As a result you can provide accurate and consistent carbon reports and compete meaningfully on environmental efficiency. With the information provided by LogEC, you and your customers are able to plan, evaluate, implement and monitor green actions to reduce your environmental impact.


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