LogEC for shippers

Greenwashing was yesterday – carbon accounting is now. More and more of your clients will be asking for detailed emissions reports and for actions to reduce emissions.

This applies not only to your customers but also to analysts and ratings agencies. In the 2012 Dow Jones sustainability questionnaire for example, the emissions of the engaged logistics service providers were requested. Are you ready to take these challenges? Your competitor almost certainly is.

With LogEC you can answer all these key questions with confidence. The original LogEC was designed for shippers, to help them calculate carbon emissions as accurately as possible with the minimum amount of available data and information. More or less typical data from transport invoices and delivery notes is sufficient to simulate your emissions. This approach gives you reliable and certified results without the need for real transport information. However, if 3PL shipment data is available at any time, it can be integrated to increase data quality and results.


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